Financial Services

Licensing Solutions

for Financial Advisers, Investment Advisers & Personal Insurance Brokers

We hold an AFSL authorising us to deal in financial products and to provide both personal and general financial product advice to retail and wholesale clients. Our license is suitable for financial advisers, investment advisers and personal insurance brokers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide advice and transaction support when you buy or sell a financial services business. This involves identifying acquisition targets, calculating valuations, assisting with negotiations and integration support where you have made an acquisition. This process will ensure that you maximise the value of any business acquisition or sale.

We provide strategic advice on estabishing, growing and operating your business. We specialise in compliance, business development, continuing professional development and investment research.

Remuneration Reporting & Payment

We leverage technology by providing consolidated remuneration statements on a fortnightly basis so that you know how much money is expected to arrive in your bank account. As these statements are broken down by client and product provider, they are a helpful management reporting tool for practice principals. The client advice fees detailed in the remuneration statement are transferred into your bank account shortly after the statement is provided to you.

We have a proven track record of operating a financial services licensee successfully and supporting advice businesses throughout every stage of the business life cycle. Our success can be attributed to our core values: professionalism, ethics and honesty.


We do not mandate the use of a particular software package. We maintain a list of supported technologies to point our advisers in the right direction. However, the technology you choose to deploy will ultimately be your decision based on your business requirements. If required, we can help you with this.

Your dedicated team in Sydney and beyond

Reedy Capital’s full time Sydney based team members are supported by external compliance, administration and operations staff located throughout Australia and overseas.

About our founder

Justin Reedy

Justin is the Managing Director and Responsible Manager at Reedy Capital. In addition to his roles at Reedy Capital, Justin holds several directorships and is a founding shareholder and Chief Financial Officer of Mother of Pearl Vodka.

Justin holds a Master of Commerce (Financial Planning), Bachelor of Arts (Australia and the Asia Pacific Region / Communications) and Diploma of Financial Services.

He is a Certified Financial Strategist, Public Accountant, Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Member of the Financial Advice Association Australia, Member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals, Member of the Institute of Public Accountants and Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants UK.

In addition to the above qualifications and memberships, Justin holds the following professional registrations:

  • Financial Adviser and Authorised Representative allowing him to provide personal and general financial advice to retail and wholesale clients
  • Professional Practice Certificate issued by the Institute of Public Accountants
  • Qualified Tax Relevant Provider allowing him to provide Tax (Financial) Advice services